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The UCBI company is a joint Ukrainian-Spanish team of specialists involved in the provision of professional services (taxes, consulting, business development) on the territory of the Kingdom of Spain. We strive to help the Ukrainian business community to integrate into the Spanish business environment.

Our team consists of highly qualified specialists that have vast experience in their respective fields. This allows us to provide the highest quality services. Among them are legal services, and services in the area of taxation, accounting, and business development.

One of our advantages is a profound understanding and considerable experience in working with both the Ukrainian and Spanish markets. We understand the cultural and legislative differences of each country.

We find the need to achieve business goals and success in the Spanish market as our task. Our approach to working with clients is based on individuality, transparency, and trust.

The UCBI team builds its work based on key values, including responsibility, support, trust, and transparency.

We are personally responsible for the fulfillment of our obligations. We support ideas, people, and our Motherland. The relationships we build within our team, and with our partners and clients are based on trust. We are transparent in our viewpoints, actions, and communications.
Within the company, we focus on teamwork and meet the needs of customers despite the borders. We strive to strengthen business opportunities to rebuild the future of Ukraine.

Liudmyla Demchenko - Partner, Head of tax department of UCBI

"The idea of founding UCBI grew out of the intention to organize a business club for Ukrainian entrepreneurs in Spain.

Long before the full-scale war in Ukraine, many of our fellow citizens either came or moved to Spain. I am a Ukrainian who has been living in this country for more than 20 years. I believe that during this time I fully adapted and gained significant experience in many issues of interaction with Spanish society. At some stage in my life, I noticed that my friends who are entrepreneurs started asking for help more frequently: finding a lawyer, advising on a school for their children, consulting on how to draw up certain documents, and how to move a business to Spain and develop it.

Then I got inspired with the idea of uniting Ukrainians in Spain, creating a certain business club where we could help each other. However, it turned out that the request was not for advice that could be obtained at the club, but for specific actions and services. It was then that the idea of the need to create a consulting agency that would effectively and qualitatively support Ukrainian businessmen and businesswomen in Spain crystallized.

I am very pleased that the idea was implemented in 2022, although it must be admitted that the last cause was the large migration of our fellow citizens to Europe. It is from their needs that we base on."

Hennadiy Velychko - Partner, head of business development department of UCBI

"The events that took place in our country on February 24, 2022, forced many Ukrainian women to seek protection in the countries of the European Community. Like millions of our fellow citizens, I became a person forcibly relocated to the EU and received temporary protection in the Kingdom of Spain.

Having personally experienced the difficulties of our compatriots abroad and trying to be useful in what I know - in taxes, finance, and economy, I became part of the team of the new Ukrainian-Spanish community, which helps business representatives to integrate into this wonderful country.

Thanks to experience and knowledge, as well as an ecosystem of partnerships, we provide our clients with the opportunity to confidently move towards achieving their goals and provide the necessary results."


We are Ukrainians, who have many years of experience in providing professional services, joined our efforts together with our Spanish colleagues to help Ukrainians integrate their lives into the countries of the European Union and the Kingdom of Spain in particular.


We aspire to become a powerful center of business integration for Ukrainians in the world of Spanish business.


  • People – We respect and value people
  • Support – We support ideas, people, and our Motherland
  • Trust – The bases for building long-lasting relationships within our team, with our clients and partners
  • Responsibility – We are personally responsible for the fulfillment of our obligations
  • Transparency – We are transparent in our views, actions, and communications
  • Instant improvement – We share our experience to gain a new one
  • Teamwork – We work together despite the borders to meet our customers' needs
  • Synergy – We unite people and work on a common mission - to strengthen business opportunities to rebuild the future of Ukraine

We are open to new challenges and opportunities, so we are always happy to cooperate with new clients and guarantee a successful integration into the Spanish business environment.

Contact us - we will be happy to provide you with qualified help and support!

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Our office in Valencia provides the opportunity to solve business problems for displaced Ukrainians and all interested parties located in the territory of the Kingdom of Spain.

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